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The most popular decks  that we build today are Trex  brand decks with Trex Transcends  composite/pvc flooring with hidden fasteners ( no visible screws in the flooring) , along with a maintenance free Trex railing. Trex railings come in many styles and colors. Here are the 3 most popular which are all priced the same at $65/ linear ft. The most popular (ex. A below) is to use white 4.5"x 4.5" railing posts with white horizontal 2x4 rails with black round balusters and the same Trex decking material up on the top handrail. Another option is an all white Trex railing (ex. B below) with square white pickets. A third option is using the Trex reveal black aluminum railings( ex. C below). With all of these railing options we also wrap the outside edge of the deck with white vinyl fascia boards, as well as wrap the stair stringers and risers with white fascia . With this option we include staining any support posts and support beams  under the deck white. Wrapping the support posts and beams under the deck with white vinyl is an option for an added cost. The support frame of the deck is made out of #1 grade 2x10 pressure treated floor joists on 12" centers and support beams are (2) 2x12's , with 6x6 support posts. The cost for this type of deck is $ 36 per sq. ft of deck for Trex Transcends decking,  plus $ 65 per linear foot of railing on deck and steps , plus  $ 150 per step for stairs. For a full flight of steps(14-17 steps) with a middle landing is $3,500. See sample drawing and estimate below for this type of deck. ( must be min. 250 sq.ft. for this pricing)
Ex. pricing for this deck with Trex transcends composite/pvc flooring with hidden fasteners, with Trex all white composite railing or Trex white composite rail with black balusters and decking on the top handrail, with edges of deck and steps wrapped with white vinyl trim and support posts and beam under the deck stained white.

14'x20' deck  = 280 sq.ft. of deck @ $ 36/ft.        =$ 10,080
48 linear ft. of composite rail and wrap @ $65/ft.=$   3,120
steps  4 @ $150                                                  =$      600
minus discount/coupon                                    = - $      250
                                                                  total  =  $ 13,550

Example A : Trex transcends deck with black round balusters and same decking material on the top handrail
Example B :  Trex all white railing with square pickets.
Example C:  Trex Reveal black aluminum railing