Leesburg, Virginia
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I'd also like to say I'm extremely pleased not just with the deck but with this entire process. The deck is beautiful. The craftsmanship is top notch. I really appreciate your attention to detail. Quite frankly I think this level of craftsmanship is very difficult to find these days. I looked at many of my neighbors and friends decks before I decided to go with you and the main reason I chose you is I believe you build a much better deck than your competition. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is building a deck.
Thanks, Bill

Thanks Mike. 
Sure, you can leave your sign here until next Thurs. Also, feel free to use us as a reference for anyone in the area who is considering your services. We have been very happy with your attention to detail, speed of completion and customer service throughout the process. And, the final product looks and functions great!


Dec. 7 , 2011

Mike Helm and his crew did an outstanding job on our deck and for an very very good price. Mike was very responsive and answered all of our questions and gave us exactly what we were looking for. He took care of all the HOA documentation and permitting and things couldn't have gone smoother. We will definitely recommend Virginia Deck and Patio to our friends and will use them again in the future if the need arises. Thanks for everything!

April 19, 2010

Our family is very, very particular about who we hire to perform work on our house. During this process we interviewed 8 construction companies in Northern Virginia that specialize in deck building. We interviewed Mike (the owner of Va Deck and Patio) and he immediately became the benchmark. He arrived on time for the estimate and provided an outstanding design. He even left us 4 2ft x 2ft samples to decide on what color we wanted. There was zero negotiating.....the price was the price (For the exact same deck we had companies quoting up to 32,000 dollars!). Lots of other companies that came in tried to sell us a song and dance about what they would throw in for free, if we started immediately we'd receive X number of dollars in discounts etc. After all 8 interviews we took 2 days off work and drove around Northern VA to look at all of the builders previously built decks and to talk to references. Anyone can work magic with a camera on samples of previous work; but once you compare Mike's decks with ANYONE else in person, there simply is no comparison. The quality and workmanship is head and shoulders above what ANYONE else is doing in the area!! His references were actually excited to talk to us and walk us around their decks and show the detail work and quality construction!

His payment plan was exactly the way it should be for quality start construction we paid $200.00 down (on a $17,000 deck) and he didnt collect anymore money until the job was completed to our satisfaction!! That's confidence! Most other companies wanted up to 75% of the cost BEFORE materials were even delivered to the jobsite!! This scared us away from most because we thought they'd take the money and run!!

Mike is a true professional and I would not hesitate to call him and ONLY him the next time I need a deck or patio built!! He has our business for life; and we recommend him to anyone that asks!!

I wish all contractors operated this way! It was an absolute pleasure handing over the final payment!!


I can't recommend this amazing company enough!! They recently put a beautiful deck on our house and the whole experience was outstanding. We did our due diligence and looked at neighbors' decks who had gone with VA Deck and Patio AND who had gone with other competitors. From that moment, comparing the quality, we knew we had to go with VA Deck & Patio because their quality was so much better than the others. The corners are square and everything is flush and matches up perfectly. 

We reached out to Mike, the owner, and communicating with him was great through the entire process. Even if sometimes it took a day or two to respond, after having him build our deck- we know why!! He was out here every day 7:30am- at least 5pm (most nights until 6:30). So to the other reviewer who said something about Mike being non-responsive, it's because he was working his TAIL off building someone's deck for 12 hours in a day. And as that person whose deck was being built perfectly this past week, I'm grateful he didn't leave the job site to check voicemails or respond to emails because that means he was focusing on building our awesome deck- and the end product showed that! And after he finished our deck last night at 7pm, he headed to start another the next morning, just 12 hours later!

The quote we received was also less expensive than the competitors--- better/equal price and MUCH better brainer!! They also 100% handled EVERYTHING for pulling permits, etc. AND did our entire HOA application from start to finish- we didn't have to do anything. That was no extra charge- he just takes care of it! Such a relief!

The crew are all employees of the company, not random trades that come in and out. We had the same crew all week, they were SO friendly and you can tell they all take great pride in their work. VA Deck and Patio doesn't just outsource the work - it's all folks who are skilled in this trade and work together day in and day out.

Their attention to detail was so fantastic; I even saw Mike shop vacuuming our grass! There wasn't even anything there to pick up- he just wanted to be sure.

I wish I could give them more than 5 stars- I will be recommending this company everywhere I go. We were so nervous to choose a company- a deck is a BIG investment!! Virginia Deck & Patio was courteous, prompt, respectful crew, quality-focused, used a level on literally every single beam (meticulous!), responsive, and also FRIENDLY! Loved working with them and would do so again in a heartbeat. Thanks for a great experience, Mike! All the best!
I recently built a  9' high, 460SF deck with stairs, built with Trex Transcend tropical boards, Trex rails, and LED lights for our new single house I'd bought from a builder two years ago. 

Prior to choosing Virginia Deck and Patio as my deck builder, I had interviewed four other builders in the region who are highly rated in Yelp / Angie's List / Service Magic. It wasn't an easy decision, especially because all the estimates (including Mike's) that I received were surprisingly similar.  However, Mike Helm, the owner / the sales person / the skillful carpenter, came to our first meeting with a well-organized binder with a lot of pictures of his work, a list of references, and also brochures from deck material companies, which gave me a very good impression. However, what really set Mike apart from other competitors was the fact that *he* is going to be the one that actually builds the deck, not some other random 'construction crew' that other bigger companies would bring in.

As he promised, he did most of the work by himself with an assistant. I'm not a carpenter, but it was not  hard  to even my eyes to witness how meticulous and experienced he is by just looking at the way he worked.  He worked really hard and carefully for the entire period of the construction. The deck easily shows the high craftsmanship and the attention to details paid to it when it was built. All my friends and guests, some of whose occupation are in construction, always say highly about the build quality of the deck.

My wife, kids and I truly enjoy our deck, and are glad that we chose Mike as our builder, and I highly recommend to anyone who is considering hiring a deck builder that they contact Mike.
I watched these guys build my neighbors deck and I have to say, their attention to detail and quality work is just amazing. Nowadays people seem to always be in a hurry and want to cut corners, but you can tell these guys love what they do and are experts at it. Growing up with a Dad who was a general contractor and inspector, I have become very picky--and even I was impressed. We would use this company in a heartbeat.